No one's home at my place today, so do you want to come over?

If it's possible, I'd like to exchange this for a larger size.

You go and get Jussi and then come back here.

Revenge is a dish which is best served cold.

Drew promised to do so.

We haven't said yes yet.

He seems to have a fat purse.

This doesn't make sense to me.

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The result proved disappointing.

I really shouldn't be here right now.

It was very nice seeing you again.

I don't know how it works.

I am afraid that you will get lost.

The road is icy.

I got very tired, but I felt good.

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That'll cost you your life.

I'll bring you something to eat.

Cliff is still interested in buying your old car.


Everyone laughed at him.

Nobody has been formally charged.

Stevan's parents didn't want him to become a used car salesman.


Esperanto is blatantly Eurocentric.


I must ask Nick his new address and telephone number when I see him.

Alain tells me that it doesn't work, so I'm running tests to know if it works.

Leave the door open.

We live on what we take from the woods.

Exactly how much money did you lose?

I hardly ever wear my red sweater.

This phenomenon is very easy to explain.

Van opened the door wider.

Del and Eric were among the new arrivals.


I'm going to have a talk with Arne.

Because he is rich, it doesn't follow that he is happy.

The plane made a forced landing.

Tovah is getting rid of his old car.

I'll be where you can see me.

The police wanted to avoid a bloodbath.

Let's give Woody another chance.


How much time do we have?


Jimmy tried to cajole his parents into letting him drive across the country with his friends.

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Lois was cruel.


I believe in ethics, and if everybody believes in ethics we'd have no problems at all. That's the only way out, forget the religious side.

We're having dinner right now.

France and Britain were at war once again.


Science is not fantasy.

He opens his eyes so widely they tear at the corners.

The lake water is very cold.

It wouldn't hurt to tell her.

He retired at sixty.


I don't give a fuck about what you say!

When did you buy this cello?

Who else could've done it?

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Unfortunately, I can't come tonight.

I'm just curious what your plan is.

He has very firm convictions.

There points can be brought under the same heading.

Mario opened the door to see what the weather was like.


My flat is on the third floor.


We have no other alternative but to swap horses midstream and inject a fresh atmosphere and new ideas into our organization.

Let's be careful.

Is there a place I can smoke?

The professor has office hours every Tuesday afternoon.

What will I tell Marshall?

That's the tough part.

He'll be married next Sunday.

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I tried to act natural.

A delicate balance must be reached.

Jayesh says he's never even talked to Edgar.


You sound desperate.

A lot of people were killed by the blast.

Did you hear that your company won the bid?

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Amanda was lucky to find a job.


That's a very tough job.

Please empty your pockets.

I'm talking on the phone with Thomas.


She's been cheating on her husband for years.


Nigel put on his suit coat.

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No one would survive that amount of blood loss.

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May I introduce myself, my name is Lucas.

Don't I know you from somewhere?

Don't speak to her like that.

Elijah says that he only drinks on days that end in "y".

We just couldn't make it happen.

It's already past ten o'clock.

I like playing baseball.


Have you slept at all?

The place looked big enough.

Raul Seixas is a very famous musician among Brazilians.


Joubert came back downstairs.

This is important to Kenneth.

Malcolm works too hard.

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Where's that picture hiding?


It's one of the stupidest things I've ever done.

Suu will come with me.

I want a pen friend.

The entire mountain changes color in autumn.

One town has excellent sports facilities.

The train is leaving in three minutes.

I'll do it.

He said that real hope sprang from the probability that there is life elsewhere in the universe.

The boy runs quickly.

Where is Laurie?

I didn't see what was in the box.

Does truth matter?

I get her point.

Was Dan callously murdered like Linda?

There are many stores in this area.


Sriram wasn't hungry.


Have you returned?

This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

Would they do that?

Adrian can speak German as well as English.

Joy and grief alternate in my breast.

Werner was an accountant.

Paper is patient. It can be a long time from the planning stage till the execution of a project. Not everything agreed on paper will be respected and accomplished. There is much written down that is wrong.

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It belongs there.

I'm going to eat it.

It's time for you to tell me the whole truth.

I'll replace her.

We need transportation.

My house is filled with things.

Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have.


At first, we weren't familiar at all. Over time we got to know each other.

I heard you were having problems at the office.

Wait until I get back.

You must be careful when crossing a busy street.

You use a glass mirror to see your face: you use works of art to see your soul.

I like being with him.

This is such a relief.

Everything comes down to cost.

I can predict how Sridhar will react.


How many mangoes do you want?


You're so big.

His doctor came with all speed.

Donn hopes you're happy.


There is nothing to prevent us from going.

Don't be ridiculous!

Now get moving.

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What's their connection to her?

My birthday is on March 22.

Let's see if we can help you.

I just want to crawl into bed and get some sleep.

I'll make this quick.


How are you going to solve this problem?

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It matters not how a man dies, but how he lives.

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I think I should go.

He is a person of importance.

Why do you walk when you have a car?

What have we got here?

He tried to talk to her time and time again.

Lars keeps getting hurt.

I don't quite understand what you're getting at.

Do you like doing homework?

What really surprised me most about Harris was how tall he was.


You should come through with your promise.

Do you even recall me?

Let's try once again.


Martha suggests to Loyd that she does the shopping while the neighbour looks after the children.


You're not going to eat.